Hardware: The Difference is in the Details

Hardware: The Difference is in the Details

We’ve all seen a great outfit ruined by a terrible scarf or a hideous belt. For furniture and cabinetry, hardware can make all the difference between an exceptional room and one that might seem awkward or challenging. These little necessities, be they doorknob, window latch, drawer pull or escutcheon plate, serve a clear function as well as showing off a little savoir-faire. Something so simple as new cast iron can add character. If you’re looking for big bang for little buck, new hardware is an easy way to give your old cabinetry a facelift.


There is a huge market of new, artisan, vintage and vintage-looking hardware available in almost every style imaginable. A simple tip for navigating what’s out there is to consider the piece your shopping for. If your existing cabinetry is heavy with intricate details or decorative inlay simplify the hardware. Similarly, when up-fitting glass fronted cabinets, specifically built to show off the contents, your hardware should have a relationship to what you plan to display inside.


Treat each piece different. Hardware can “match” without matching. In the accompanying gallery, all of the photos were taken in the same kitchen. The hardware finish is all in the family, but the pieces are far from identical.









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