I Love My Crew

I Love My Crew

There comes a point toward the end of a big renovation project when I’m exhausted and sore and cranky. I’ve memorized every inch of floorboard. I can barely remember what my life was like before I met this master bath. I have started considering where this kitchen and I should spend our anniversary. We’re so close to being completed that we can literally see the end from here, but there are still a thousand little things that have to be done. My nose is down. I’m so single-focused, Prince Charming could show up to take me to the ball and I’d assume he was part of the paint team. The same paint team I’ve been bugging for an approximate completion time for the last six hours or so.

It’s at times like this, when a hundred things are all happening at the same time and everyone is up against the schedule, that I most love my crew.

In my decade-plus of working in homes in and around the Asheville-area, I have met some truly extraordinary contractors and craftspeople. Without these men and women, I would have never been able to get through even some of the simplest rehab projects (to say nothing of the big ones). They have taught me so much about the construction, design, teamwork and management. They have calmed my worries, tolerated my frustrations, helped to diffuse difficult situations, inspired me to see things in new ways and made seemingly impossible challenges possible. And they have time and time again finished the project, no matter how large or complicated it may be. They get the job done. And that is no small thing.

Thank you.

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