$#!% Happens

$#!% Happens

When you do a big renovation project, you get to know the crew pretty well. You find out that the trim guy is actually a great banjo player and one of the painters sometimes works as a chef. You learn that the flooring guy is absolutely hilarious first thing in the morning and the plumber really warms up by the end of the day. Although there can be occasional hurdles (especially if you’re still living in the house while construction is under way), you’re all in it together.

Want to know the single best way to make your construction site bearable? To keep on good terms with the crew? To prevent yourself from losing what’s left of your mind? It’s simple. Rent a Port-A-Potty. Sounds crazy, right? I mean, you were thinking doughnuts or cookies. Forget the baked goods. Make a wiser investment. Rent a Port-A-Potty from the first day of construction to the last walk-through. Give your crew their own space to do their business that is not your guest bathroom. Your floors will be happier. Your plumbing will be happier. Your family will be happier. You will not be a basketcase.

Sharing a bathroom with a dozen or more men will not bring you enlightenment. It will not make you a kinder, more generous person. Even the most stringent codes of selfless hospitality do not require that you let all the demo guys use the powder room. If I’m honest: intimacy can be highly overrated in certain circumstances. And I know you’re not just trying to be nice; I know you’re trying to save money. But this is one place I would never scrimp.

Rent the Port-A-Potty. Do it. You’ll thank me.

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