I Love My Job

I Love My Job

I’ve spoken before about how much I love my job. Sure, I’ve been up since dark-thirty this morning and I feel every minute of it. The weather’s nasty. The winter weather blankets the whole town and the kiddos are home from school. My daylight hours have been spent trying to track appliances lost in the snowtex, rescheduling two days of appointments and managing Mother Nature’s affect on five zip codes. It’s a grueling job trying to keep all the small mix-ups and messes from blossoming into into full-fledged catastrophes. And yet, at the end of the day, even when it’s hard (and it’s always hard), even when it’s exhausting, the job is worth it.

The process of breathing new life into something old requires a lot of communication. I serve as conduit between clients, vendors and crew. But I also work with the owners to help plan for and manage their lives around a renovation. This requires a lot of personal conversations. I’ve learned a lot about my clients and my crew. They’ve maybe learned more about me than they originally anticipated (Sorry guys!), but on the plus side, many of these business relationships have turned into great friendships.

At its root, my job is about transformation. We take a house that’s broken, dysfunctional, outdated or just plain ugly and help its owners turn it into something whole, useful and beautiful. Sometimes the job is mostly cosmetic; sometimes we have to strip the room all the way down to its foundations and build it back piece by piece. Seeing it happen is always exciting, because it promises of the possibility of improvement. All of our houses have weird quirks and inconvenient passages. There’s never enough storage for all the baggage and no matter how you decorate it, that back hallway will never look exactly right from some angles. Our houses have embarrassing pasts or flaws in their construction. They may never be perfect but they can always be better. And that gives me a little hope for the rest of us, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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