Seeing Double

Seeing Double


I’ve been doing a lot of bathrooms recently, which has given me plenty of time to contemplate the double vanity. A product of the mid century imagination, the double sink really took off in the 70s and 80s and by 1990, it was almost impossible to find a new home with a single sink in the master bath.  I’ve only ever been able to figure out two reasons for the double sink vanity to exist 1) So that you and your spouse/child/roommate/imaginary friend can brush your teeth at exactly the same time and 2) So single people and only children can stare longingly at that second sink while brushing their teeth and wonder why they’re so alone. Outside of that? Not so much.


Having two sinks in the bathroom does not make you any cleaner. Most of us have access to, at barest minimum, two sinks in our house anyway. It’s not like Timmy can’t wash his hands in the powder room while Annie’s washing off the eyeliner she’s not supposed to be wearing to middle school in the kid bath.  It’s time to face the facts, folks: double vanities are on their way out.


I know what you’re saying, But Sally, how will I ever put on my make-up while my husband is shaving? Don’t you know we both have to be at the office by nine? And I say, beards are in (just kidding). The truth is two sinks do not make a bathroom more functional. Give a person a choice between more sinks and more storage and counter space, I will guarantee you that, nine times out of ten, they take the latter. When my clients come to me and complain about how their master bathroom is simply not working, it’s almost always the case that they need the space not the sinks.



So whether you’re feeling cramped in your current bathroom and planning an update or building a new home, I’d suggest you skip the double sinks. You master bathroom is not a BOGO affair. You’ll be fine with just one.

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