Fixtures & Finishes

Design in The Works

When it comes to small spaces, like bathrooms and powder rooms, the little details really make a huge difference. That’s why plumbing hardware is such a critical part of any good kitchen or bathroom renovation. A sleek new spigot can turn really turn up the heat in your master bathroom. And that arty faucet may […]

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Lighting Strikes Again

Thomas Edison may have invented the light bulb, but the light fixture has been a focal point of the room since the first person thought of putting a candle in something fancier than just a candlestick. Then came the lantern, the lamp, the sconce, the chandelier, the fluorescent tube and whatever you call those ashtray-shaped […]

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Hardware: The Difference is in the Details

We’ve all seen a great outfit ruined by a terrible scarf or a hideous belt. For furniture and cabinetry, hardware can make all the difference between an exceptional room and one that might seem awkward or challenging. These little necessities, be they doorknob, window latch, drawer pull or escutcheon plate, serve a clear function as […]

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