Catching Up with Sally

Some of you may have noticed that the blog took a little time off in September. Though I may have fallen behind on posts, I kept insanely busy in my work life:  adding new staff, starting new projects, helping kids transition into middle school and looking toward an extremely booked autumn.   Next week, I’ll […]

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As Seen On TV

      Here’s how a home renovation happens on television: a designer or contractor visits a messy, outdated home and proposes elaborate, often out of your financial reach, changes. There is limited, if any, discussion, the amiable homeowners easily agree on said changes and are whisked off for a luxurious weekend trip out of […]

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This Old House

This Old House   I love old houses. I love the way they look. I love the way they feel. I love the particular challenges of updating them without losing style or character. Old houses are the world I live in by preference and by personal geography. I will be happy to tell you everything […]

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Ask Sally

    Dear Sally: Just over a year ago, my partner and I finally finished a major renovation of our home. We worked with a contractor for some of the projects and did other parts ourselves over long weekends.  It looks beautiful, but lately we’ve noticed some problems, cracks appearing over doorways, separation where there […]

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Let’s Talk About Paneling (Faux Real)

  The Truth About Paneling (Faux Real)     So you’ve bought your dream house and it is beautiful. There are spacious rooms, high ceilings, plenty of light and almost enough charming architectural detail to make you forget the depressing, ugly and retro (in that way that no one wants to be retro) paneling.   […]

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