Project Management

Fall in love with Ms. & Ms. Masterful Bathroom

“I want your job.” “I wish I could do what you do.” “Your job is so cool!” I have the privilege of living out what many folks experience vicariously through magazine before and after pictures, cruising around on Houzz, pinning on Pinterest boards and watching one of the many renovation shows on television. If I […]

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It’s been a while. I’ve been wondering how I’d do this again. As some of you may know my sister died by suicide on the first day of this year. I loved her dearly. In the trenches of grief I have known how dark and difficult life can be and also how real light and […]

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Catching Up with Sally

Some of you may have noticed that the blog took a little time off in September. Though I may have fallen behind on posts, I kept insanely busy in my work life:  adding new staff, starting new projects, helping kids transition into middle school and looking toward an extremely booked autumn.   Next week, I’ll […]

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As Seen On TV

      Here’s how a home renovation happens on television: a designer or contractor visits a messy, outdated home and proposes elaborate, often out of your financial reach, changes. There is limited, if any, discussion, the amiable homeowners easily agree on said changes and are whisked off for a luxurious weekend trip out of […]

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Mother of a Renovation

You don’t need to have kids to know that it’s hard work being a mom. Because seriously, it’s hard work. Our kids are wonderful. We love and support them in all their endeavors, even when middle school does turn them into crazy people.   Being a Mom is a full-time job even if you’re also […]

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