Project Management

Falling Apart

I’m a detail person. It’s my job. My clients entrust their renovations to me because they know I will leave no stone unturned and no corner unnoticed. Can I spy shoddy construction at a hundred yards? Maybe. That’s my superpower. That’s my job. I mention this because I know how you feel. You, person out […]

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I Love My Crew

There comes a point toward the end of a big renovation project when I’m exhausted and sore and cranky. I’ve memorized every inch of floorboard. I can barely remember what my life was like before I met this master bath. I have started considering where this kitchen and I should spend our anniversary. We’re so […]

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Turn And Face the Change Order

Life is all about change. Change is good. It lets us grow and innovate. It spurs us to convert that tiny guest bedroom into a luxurious master bath. A desire for change is what starts any renovation project. So, why does it come as any surprise when we want to make changes partway through? There […]

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Space: The Final Frontier

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a 600 square foot loft or Versailles. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a renovation manager, it’s that nobody ever has enough space. Or rather, no one thinks they have enough space. That’s why so many people build giant-sized new homes or add enormous, and often under-utilized, […]

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Simplicity Rules

It happens all the time. A normal person, facing a renovation project goes suddenly quiet. Some little idea, some OMG-what-about-the-landscaping-will-this-cause-the-babyPTSD-maybe-we-should-refinsh-all-the-floors-how-many-can-lites-does-the-playroom-need-will-my-mother-in-law-approve starts buzzing round their brain. That little idea can unleash a whole hive’s worth of meddlesome details. What once seemed like a sensible renovation project suddenly feels huge and unmanageable? And now you’re frozen like […]

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