A Room of One’s Own

Martha Stewart doesn’t talk about it. Your mother told you never to talk about. You have that one friend who always seems to talk about it, and you’d really rather your kids Seriously guys? Do we have to talk about this at dinner? Most designers, renovation experts and celebrity home rehab-ers would probably just as […]

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Seeing Double

  I’ve been doing a lot of bathrooms recently, which has given me plenty of time to contemplate the double vanity. A product of the mid century imagination, the double sink really took off in the 70s and 80s and by 1990, it was almost impossible to find a new home with a single sink […]

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Graduating Your Child’s Room

I’m not an empty-nester (yet). My oldest is still hovering on the front end of high school, and I have a few years left before I have to start worrying about prom dates, SATs, college admissions and graduation parties. I won’t pretend to 100% know how it feels to watch your kids move out and […]

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Clean Slate

Recently, an acquaintance of mine dropped me a line to say she and her husband had recently bought an older home in a great location. The house was faded beauty, great bone structure, but in need of a facelift, and more importantly for them, it needed a personal style overhaul so it could feel like […]

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Change Fate

When I am on vacation and my world slows a little I like to play the “What If” game. Not the “What if the car breaks down? What if we miss our flight, What if the hotel smoke alarm goes off” mind game, but the more peaceful version with questions like “What if I lived […]

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