Rain, Snow, Heat, Oh Hell: Renovating Through Inclement Weather

I spent a couple of days recently on unexpected holiday when the snow storm blanketed the roads, closed schools and kept my crews well away from our frozen worksites. My job is all about managing complications. And wintertime always poses unique challenges to any construction project. Renovations are tough enough when it’s sunny and 70 […]

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I Love My Job

I’ve spoken before about how much I love my job. Sure, I’ve been up since dark-thirty this morning and I feel every minute of it. The weather’s nasty. The winter weather blankets the whole town and the kiddos are home from school. My daylight hours have been spent trying to track appliances lost in the […]

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$#!% Happens

When you do a big renovation project, you get to know the crew pretty well. You find out that the trim guy is actually a great banjo player and one of the painters sometimes works as a chef. You learn that the flooring guy is absolutely hilarious first thing in the morning and the plumber […]

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Totally Stuffed!

In my business, I hear a lot about storage. No matter how many square feet a person has, she never has enough, or at least not the right kind. A person may have a living room the size of an Opera House but no upstairs linen closet. Or there may be a walk-in linen closet, […]

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New Year’s Renovations

A new year means different things to different people. For some, it’s a chance to turn over a new leaf and make out a list of lofty improvement goals. For me, a new year mostly just means I have to actually think about the numbers when I write the date on checks. Home improvements tend […]

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