Happy Holidays!

In these harried hours it’s easy to forget that the greatest gifts are those we give back to our community. Recently I took some time out from my cra-cra work schedule to help Manna Food Bank organize the food and household items on the Ingles Giving Tree at the Asheville Mall. I was honored to […]

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Welcome Home

Sometimes when you want to show off your gorgeous, newly renovated family room or kitchen, your home’s entry says anything but. Take, for example, the original door on this Asheville-area home. Nothing about it welcomes friends and family with warm and inviting open arms. In fact, this traditional, faux estate entry really just suggests that […]

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The Monster in the (Tool) Closet

It was a dark and stormy afternoon. As the wind howled through the trees outside, you heard a strange tap-tap-tapping from the cabinets in the hall.  You rose quietly and crossed the foyer to see the bone-chilling sight of five strangers in hard hats who may be trying to rip you off and ruin your […]

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Let’s Play Renovation (Part I)

When renovating a house, sometimes the little things can get lost in the shuffle—photographs, mail, knick-knacks, nine-year-olds.   I kid, of course. As a mother of two and a construction manager, I know how tough it can be to keep an eye out for how junior’s feeling even the kitchen still has walls. Renovations are […]

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