Simplicity Rules

It happens all the time. A normal person, facing a renovation project goes suddenly quiet. Some little idea, some OMG-what-about-the-landscaping-will-this-cause-the-babyPTSD-maybe-we-should-refinsh-all-the-floors-how-many-can-lites-does-the-playroom-need-will-my-mother-in-law-approve starts buzzing round their brain. That little idea can unleash a whole hive’s worth of meddlesome details. What once seemed like a sensible renovation project suddenly feels huge and unmanageable? And now you’re frozen like […]

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Ask Sally

Dear Sally, I’m a single woman living in a small historic home and it’s high time to renovate my
 no-longer-charmingly-vintage bathroom. But I’m worried about hiring contractors. 
My house is small enough that I will have to move out for much of the renovation and 
provide the contractors a key. I’ve never hired contractors for […]

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A Multi-Tasker’s Arithmetic: Sally By The Numbers

Managing a renovation project requires a lot of multi-tasking, moving things around and doing your dead-level best to be in two places at once, even when the laws of physics aren’t exactly on your side. Those with kids will note that the above job description nearly matches that of being a parent. Does being a single mom make […]

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Hardware: The Difference is in the Details

We’ve all seen a great outfit ruined by a terrible scarf or a hideous belt. For furniture and cabinetry, hardware can make all the difference between an exceptional room and one that might seem awkward or challenging. These little necessities, be they doorknob, window latch, drawer pull or escutcheon plate, serve a clear function as […]

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